Assistance through the procedure on recognition of foreign educational documents.
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Term: from 60 days
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Nostrification of diploma

Now, a lot of people seek education abroad, but going back to their home country they face a problem of employment in Ukraine due to non-compliance of their diplomas or certificates with the Ukrainian standards.

A procedure of nostrification is provided for legalization of foreign documents on education, which makes them valid on the territory of Ukraine. Nostrification is divided into academic, which allows you continuing your study, and professional, which allows you working in the specialty.

The nostrification procedure is a complicated and lengthy process that requires careful preparation of documents for their submission to the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, where an expert analysis is performed, a conclusion is prepared and, finally, a document is issued, i.e. a certificate outlining the decision made as to the conformity of the obtained education with the current Ukrainian government regulations and standards of full or conditional recognition of diplomas or certificates, or refusal to recognize them.

Conditional recognition means provision of a paper with a list of certain disciplines to be additionally passed. Upon a positive solution to this issue, the document of full recognition shall be issued automatically.

Anyone arrived to another country to work or study may face the problem of verification its documents on education. The nostrification procedure is necessary for all those who want to continue their education abroad, participate in international conferences, seminars or work in foreign companies.