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What is a translation agency for?

Some people wonder uselessness of a translation agency institute. "Where is the good of wasting time and money if there are a lot of sites offering electronic translators?" All this is true, but the quality of such translation leaves a lot to be desired, and it is unlikely to be useful in serious issues. It cannot be denied that a good translation is a kind of art and even not every certified professional is great at it.

To find a universal translator being able to translate equally well any text on any topic is difficult even among professionals. Any skilled translator, even he who can speak the language perfectly, is specialized, as a rule, in a particular area of expertise or translation direction. There are no universal "soldiers" here. There are specialists skilled at construction terms or, for example, metallurgical terms, and they do excellent translations in these fields; whereas, there are those creating masterpieces in the field of literary translations. Never exchange them under any circumstances! No good will come of it. Each of them is a professional, who minds its own business and is at its own place.

There are translators who specialize only in written translations, whereas, there are those having a complete command of the art of interpretation. There are translators/interpreters from English/German/French or Spanish and translators/interpreters from Japanese/Turkish/Arabic or Hindi. There are a lot of languages, while translation subjects are none the less. It is obvious that one person cannot do a quality translation on any subject and in any language. That's why an institute titled "Translation Agency" appeared. Translators/interpreters are not hired at a translation agency; they are selected – selected by their education and experience. After that they are interviewed and offered to pass a standard test; then they are given a test translation. To select a good translator/interpreter is not enough. You need to select the best specialist out of them for a particular situation. You will not find strangers in a good translation agency. Only qualified professional translators/interpreters are gathered here simply because the price of their mistake may be too high.

Here is the translation done. And we have found out that a translator/interpreter is a person fluent in one or another foreign language, able to work with texts (in a certain subject) or work orally and its main task is a good, adequate translation, but not a beautiful design. Technical specialists in designing translations work at a translation agency in order official documents, texts of instructions, accompanying documents and the like correspond to the original format.

Therefore, one can say that a translation agency is a necessity in the modern world, due to which the tasks associated with translation are resolved efficiently, quickly and easily.
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