Discovery of documents
Obtaining of originals and copies of documents issued by official bodies.
Price: from UAH 500 per doc
Term: from 3 business day
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The time and cost of discovery of documents shall be negotiated individually depending on each specific case.

Discovery of documents and receipt of duplicates

Every person is issued an official document at least once in its life. Discovery of documents means obtaining (requesting) the original or a duplicate of the papers at the authority that originally issued them. Duplicates fully comply with the earlier issued originals; it means they are of equal worth. The most often repeated discovery is applied to: certificates of birth/death/marriage/divorce/change of the last name; extract of the maiden name confirmation, etc.

A repeated request is also required, when the document is:
  • laminated on both sides;
  • old-patterned (issued before 1991);
  • lost or destroyed.

Unfortunately, there is no a "single" point of contact, where one shall be able to address for any kind of discovery. Therefore, each document can be obtained in "its own" organization. Duplicates of certificates of birth/death/marriage are issued by the Registry Office, while school-leaving certificates/diplomas are issued by the same school/high school/higher education establishment, where the education was obtained. If your documents have been issued to you, for example, during the USSR epoch by the Registry Office, which is currently located on the territory of any of the former Soviet Republics, the discovery must be carried out exclusively in that state (formerly, a Soviet Republic), where it was issued earlier. You shall be able to address there in person with a copy of the document and request re-issuance, ask your friends or relatives to address by issuing them a Power of Attorney for obtaining the document or request the document via the Registry Office, which is located at the place of your permanent residence.

Discovery of documents by persons residing abroad shall be carried out by means of an official request through diplomatic representations of Ukraine, at their place of residence.