Translation of standard documents
Translation of certificates, references, diplomas, extracts and other standard documents.
Price: from UAH 50 per doc
Term: 1 business day
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pages and documents have been translated throughout existence of our company
source languages are translated from and into Ukrainian and Russian
translators cooperate with our company as members of regular staff or as outsourced experts
years of experience and high level of service
All documents are certified by the seal of the translation agency or are notarized.
UAH 50 per doc
1 document
UAH 40 per doc
From 10 documents
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Notarized translation of documents

What does it mean "the standard documents" and how to translate them? Not a professional translator may interpret one and the same word with deviations inadmissible in the standard documents. Each sign is significant in translation, and minor error will bring undesirable problems into your life.

There are documents grouped under a single name, i.e. "the standard documents":

  • Personal documents: certificates of birth/death, marriage/divorce, change of last name/first name/middle name; passport (3 pages); school-leaving certificate (without appendix); diploma (without appendix); identification code; certificate of a pensioner/driver/student;
  • Certificates: issued by university/school/ place of employment, on the state of the bank account, from the place of residence or housing department, on salary or criminal record;
  • Certificates of property ownership; licenses; certificates; certificates of businesses registration, etc.

To avoid translation errors, one must know the writing of the first and last names, indicated in the foreign passport (or any other identification document); the purpose of execution; place of submission; writing the name of the company/institution; geographical names. Each standard document has an approved legislative pattern form with the mandatory rules of the translation execution. The distinguishing feature of the standard official papers from the others is a seal/stamp of the authority or official that issued the document. The translation of such documents is carried out for submission to the Embassy (in order to obtain a visa) or to any other government agencies and they require notarization. A notary may certify a translation carried out only by a professional translator.